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graphic design & branding

Earn trust from potential clients and create professional separation from your competition


With the technology available today more and more businesses are utilizing graphic designers and illustrators to create one of a kind experiences for their business image. Whether it be from a unique custom logo that will be seen on all branding and print work to website graphics and banners for your social media channels, we offer a wide variety of solutions to express and personify your brand.


Lucrative Merchants works seamlessly with the Dreamcatcher Designers to take your graphical dreams and turning them into reality. Our designers are experts in using both Photoshop and Illustrator, and guarantee that each project worked on is completely authentic and original to the business they are working with.


We do not duplicate work from client to client like other designers you may have worked with previously. Through industry research and quality communication with our customers Lucrative Merchants & Dreamcatcher Designers guarantees that you will be happy with the end result and will feel proud of your finished branding, graphics, and illustrations, regardless of the scale of the project. 

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