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The hunt for a reliable Kratom payment solution is over! Kratom Payment Processing has been a sore subject for Kratom Suppliers & Distributors since the industry started booming. With Government Agencies cracking down on the industry it has been a struggle to say the least to obtain a dependable solution for taking payments. This has not stopped the Kratom businesses from making their products available to those who need them, so we have not stopped searching and obtaining the best options for payment processing in the Kratom industry.


Whether your business works face to face with it's customers and/or works through an e-commerce website, Lucrative Merchants can assist you with taking payment. Lucrative Merchants offers a number of solutions for both eCheck & Credit Card Processing that will fit the way your Kratom company does business.  We can have you taking payment in no time, with proven Kratom Payment Solutions and the most competitive pricing available

Below we have some basic information on the options we have available. If you would like to know more detail on the pricing and fees or to get more specific information on our Kratom Payment Processing Solutions, please contact one of our Kratom Account Specialists.

E-Check Processing

  • With a few options to offer, we provide Kratom businesses with the most trusted E-Check solutions available.

  • Process hundreds of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

  • Accept orders up to $25,000 per transaction.

  • Has proven to be the most reliable and lucrative way to take payment in the Kratom industry. 

  • To utilize eCheck Processing for your Kratom business or to learn more information about this option please contact us to receive a pre-app and get started:

Kratom Credit Card Processing

  • We can set up your Kratom business so that it can process debit & credit card transactions.

  • Take debit & credit card payments through your website.

  • Complete a quick pre-check form to get your account approved.

    • For more details or if you are interested in this payment option and would like to complete a
      pre-app, please send us an email to:

    • Or call us at 425-947-9133

It is important to understand that the Kratom is a volatile industry to be a part of. As with all credit card processing options with Kratom, we never know how long this will last so use caution. 

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