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Credit Card

Welcome to a new age. Lucrative Merchants can set up your Cannabis business to accept all Credit & Debit Card transactions in your brick & mortar location, as well as being able to provide Electronic Check processing between B2B transactions from MMJ & CBD producers to stores within the Cannabis Industry.

Payment Processing

With the Kratom Industry where it is today, finding a reliable way to take payment can be a difficult hunt. We have done the hunting for you.

Lucrative Merchants can offer a number of  dependable payment solutions that can have you processing credit cards & eChecks in no time.

Think Outside 

Have you been in business for more than 6 months and are still using Square for your Payment Processing?

Let us show you how much we can save you!

  • Square offers you a very limited selection of point of sale systems (POS). Yes they do have a free dongle option that you can use simply by plugging it directly into your phone or tablet, however now that your business is established your goal as a business owner is to grow, make more money, and there are a lot of powerful tools and technologies that will make your life as a business owner easier to accomplish your business goals.


  • Here at Lucrative Merchants we are partnered with several Merchant Service Providers. This allows us to offer a catalogue of different point of sale systems to fit your business needs. Our goal is to provide you with a POS solution that is superior both in technology & user experience. The decision is up to you. You have a choice. Whether you would like a terminal that is smart & simple, or a system that utilizes the most powerful tools and technologies available. We have the device that will fit your needs.

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