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Social Media Advertising

POSTS THEME: Research & Planning
  • Distinguish which social channels are priority and will provide the most benefit for the brand's target audience.

  • Organized weekly planning for direction and posts.

  • Audience research to find what content will provide the best reaction with audience to empower the relationships you need with your customers.

  • Research optimal times for posts in an effort to reach certain target audiences & demographics.

  • Build a strong following that has interest in the brand identity as well as the products or services available.

  • Be more aggressive to foster the best engagement and conversion with 
    your social media target audience.

  • Similar to the post research we will need to create a plan of action for what 
    our target would be for that week.

  • Done correctly, potential customers will start 
    to be intrigued with your brand liking and sharing posts with their collection of 
    friends creating a huge amount of awareness.

  • Carefully thought out weekly posts

  • Everlasting posts that create a positive reflection of the brand's message and values.

  • Graphical Posts & Banners

  • Posts will be published/scheduled at the optimal times for the best exposure.

  • Boost important posts will be of importance to create the widest range for engagement

  • Facebook Ads is a crucial part in building your brand awareness.

  • Facebook has created a more powerful and user friendly way to advertise.

  • With the Weekly Posting & Theme Research/Planning we need 
    to support our message using a Facebook Advertising Campaign. 
    This will increase exposure and force feed your brand to those who are in your 
    demographic. This combined with the SEO and building the relevance in the 
    marketplace will compact each other providing a wider range of authority online, 
    reaching more people and increasing conversions with visitors and sales.

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