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"I recently made the switch from a big bank CC processing service to the processing service Lucrative Merchants offers. I project to save $1,250 + per year in processing fees compared to what I was paying. The transition was fast and  easy. Kingsley is easy to work with and he genuinely cares about his clients. This level of customer service is not something I have experienced with the larger big bank processors. If you are on the fence about making a processing change, I urge you to speak with Lucrative Merchants and you will quickly see that it's an easy decision!"


-Nick Maier

President, Vashon Athletic Club

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"By the end of 2018 I wanted to review my payment processing and update the look and feel of my brand. I received an email from Lucrative Merchants and decided to give them a call to see what they had to offer. After speaking with Kingsley I was well informed on what was available to me and to my surprise he said that he could also assist me with the rebranding of our business. Lucrative Merchants is partnered with a graphic design company called Dreamcatcher Designers and WOW! I could not be happier. I am now saving $2,000+ a year on our processing fees, our payment technology in store is brand new and works better than ever, and we have a beautiful new logo and e-commerce website. I highly recommend working with Lucrative Merchants & Dreamcatcher Designers, they delivered all they had promised! Check my new website yourself!

-Debra Lewis

Owner, White Horse Toys


"A true concern and interest in what's best for the customer is the prevailing mind set that Kingsley Northcott consistently brings to the table. Additionally, his business style displays a strong sense of fairness and honesty. In all the time we have spent working together I have never seen Kingsley deviate from the highest of morale principles. Clear and concise communication is the foundation of business transactions and another area that Kingsley is adept in. Unfortunately in today's market place there are not a lot of people that you can depend on and put your trust in. I place a high value on my business relationship with Kingsley Northcott because of his high quality character as well as his extensive skill set."

-Jim Lange 
President, NaturePay

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"We have been working with Kingsley and Lucrative Merchants for several years now and are impressed with their professionalism. Kingsley has a great attention to detail and always strives for excellence. I recommend Lucrative Merchants to any business owner looking to review their merchant services."


-Matt Wollersheim

VP Sales & Marketing, Performance Card Service

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The Sugar Shack has been with Lucrative Merchants since December, 2018. Kingsley has been so helpful and available. He has assisted this Luddite by spending hours setting up our system, answering questions, making helpful suggestions, serving as a liaison with the merchant account services, offering use of his own equipment when our wifi was out and providing moral support. Kingsley has proven overwhelmingly that he will be there for us. Our success is his goal. If you have an opportunity to meet with Kingsley, you’ll be happy you did.

-Hedy Anderson

Owner, Sugar Shack

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