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Have you been in business for more than 6 months and are still using Square for your Payment Processing?

Square is a great service for new businesses with no prior payment processing and merchant history. They have a quick and easy solution that can have you taking payment in no time. Nevertheless, once you have become a more established business there are several reasons why you should transition away from Square to a more lucrative solution by working with a payment processing partner. 


Lucrative Merchants works with Merchant Service Providers around the US & Globally to assist businesses with the best payment processing solutions for any given industry. We help businesses save money on their processing fees and offer the most competitive rates in the industry, so the transition can be seamless and will provide you with profit instead of a cost.


Why make the switch?



  • Square does not have account managers, agents, or any customer support. You can send an email and wait for a response, but that does not help you if you require immediate assistance. If you have missing batches or transactions that are held for a particular reason there is nobody that you can communicate with over the phone.


  • When working with Lucrative Merchants you have access to an irreplaceable amount of support and a dedicated account manager that will work with you directly on your merchant account and resolve any potential issues that may occur right away.




  • Square does not provide their customers with Merchant Statements. Customers are left to assume that their rate is set with no real way of reviewing their processing history, percentage per transaction, or by card type. 


  • Lucrative Merchants will provide you with a virtual portal that will have an in-depth analysis of your merchant history.  It is in your best interest to be able to review your own Merchant Statements for accounting purposes as well as to see what processing rates are available to you. Merchant Service Providers use these Merchant Statements to discern what rate can be offered by analyzing average ticket size, total processing volume, and other factors to make sure you are taking advantage of the most competitive rate and to keep you happy.


Point of Sale System

  • Square offers you a very limited selection of point of sale systems (POS). Yes they do have a free dongle option that you can use simply by plugging it directly into your phone or tablet, however now that your business is established your goal is to grow, make more money, and there are a lot of powerful tools and technologies that will make your life as a business owner easier to accomplish your business goals.


  • Here at Lucrative Merchants we are partnered with several Merchant Service Providers. This allows us to offer a catalogue of different point of sale systems to fit your business needs.   Whether you would like a terminal that is smart & simple, or a system that utilizes the most powerful tools and technologies available. We have the device that will fit your needs. The decision is up to you.


Save Money

Each Month

  • Lucrative Merchants is an authorized reseller of Merchant Services for some of the biggest and best Merchant Service Providers that exist in the industry. With our close relationship to these financial entities, we are able to offer our customers the most competitive rate above interchange. 

  • We want to make your life as a business owner easier while boosting productivity, so that you can progress and accomplish all your business goals by becoming a more Lucrative Merchant.


Let us show you how much we can save you!

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